content production 

We create video content for our clients to help showcase their events and range of services.  

alternative investment event


Industry leaders focused on how to attract investors, as well as a look at the fundraising process.

karen gamba, ceo & founder

our international experience


Our event drew women from around the world to raise awareness about the struggle of women in Africa and beyond.

opportunity | strategy | connection

In addition to her role as Founder and CEO of Ellipsis, LLC, Karen serves the same role of Founder and CEO of Against The Current - the curator behind exclusive events and private gatherings featuring thought leaders and senior professionals from a range of industries.

​Karen is a Business Development, Public Relations, Communications and Marketing Strategist with over 14 years in the legal, financial, real estate, bio/pharma and entertainment industries. She works alongside international HNW individuals, CEOs, Fortune 500 companies and Family Offices.

Karen's greatest gift has been the ability to connect people through thoughtful communication, planning and strategies to grow lifelong, professional alliances.